"Summer's Song" is the first single from Rob Rico's ep "introducing:the kid". 

"A latin rap ballad for the ages. now leave me alone." -

rob's ma

Deserve You

Sleeping In
ft. epicLLOYD (of Epic Rap Battles of History) 

"Deserve You", A love letter of the ages about dealing with distance in a relationship, a hopeful future, and regret.

"Sleeping In", EpicLLOYD jumps on this track, a song dedicated to the sleepless nights of a performer and sleep deprivation.

always working on new music, you can listen here:

Season Of Love



Besides studying comedy, Rob Rico has been studying, writing and performing music for nearly a decade. Rob Rico has studied at the College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood, CA and also had the opportunity to work for Ziggy Marley's Artist Management Label, Tuff Gong Worldwide. Rob Rico also had the chance to open for Yellawolf as a member of the no-nonsense rap group, "Thee Almighty". These days Rob produces a freestyle rap comedy show alongside Lloyd Alqhuist of the Emmy-nominated "Epic Rap Battles of History". His songs are often described as soulful, passionate, and REAL.

Modern Day Samurai

dir. by Marina Benzon

dir. by Marina Benzon

You Don't Know

DAY 80,625 

 A lofi/soulful rap 


a lot of people think they know your life, well this track clears some things up...

the pandemic was rough for all of us but i swear i'M fine. right?>!



Rings of Saturn

First Impressions

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Summer's Song